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1. Sports A short surfboard or wakeboard ridden in a kneeling position.
2. A clipboard used especially by pilots during flights for holding maps and checklists.
intr.v. knee·board·ed, knee·board·ing, knee·boards Sports
To ride a short surfboard or wakeboard in a kneeling position.
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IT'S splashdown in Brighouse for a competition to test the world's best kneeboarders.
He had filmed for many years, often using homemade cameras, and had produced a number of short films including Rincon 71 (1971), which deals with kneeboard riding at California's Rincon Point, and Rubber Duck Riders (1971), which features surf-mat riders and kneeboarders at various Californian beaches and breaks.
Water-skiers, wakeboarders and kneeboarders from Al Bander Resort will also show off their talents next to the Shaikh Salman bin Isa Bridge, opposite the Crowne Plaza.