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1. One who kneels, as to pray.
2. Something, such as a stool, cushion, or board, on which to kneel.


(ˈni lər)

1. a person or thing that kneels.
2. a bench, pad, or the like, to kneel on.
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Noun1.kneeler - a person in a kneeling position
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
2.kneeler - a board (sometimes cushioned) for someone to kneel on
board - a flat piece of material designed for a special purpose; "he nailed boards across the windows"


nKniepolster nt; (= stool)Kniebank f
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He went to a kneeler, closed his eyes, prayed, and, I believe, entered adoration--experienced mystery.
Kneeler Design Architects is now working on the designs for both the school relocation and the upgrades, with builders to be appointed next year.
All the early Greek and Roman writers on astronomy--Aratos, Hipparchus, Geminos, Vitruvius, Manilius--refer to this star-pattern simply as The Kneeler.
Using a garden kneeler or knee pads makes the job less back-breaking.
He always carries with him a portable kneeler with a screen but a penitent has the option of either confessing face-face or behind a screen.
The RHS rosa hinensis range is a elicate floral pattern and includes a kneeler, trowel, fork and gloves to ensure the garden is pristine in time for warmer days.
The altar and its rails are chunky constructions in a rather heavy though pale oak, and the uneven step below is softened rather incongruously by a multi-coloured strip of worked kneeler.
Last Sunday, two children, a boy and a girl, about 7 or 8, spent the service crawling under pews, lifting up the kneeler, playing catch, kicking and shoving each other and destroying my ability to concentrate on the mass.
In the chapel where they prayed together, Benedict offered Francis the traditional kneeler used by the pope.