a sock that reaches to just below the knee.
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Wearing emerald green bikini bottoms, green and white kneesocks and a smile, Nadia is hoping she can spur the team on to the finals.
She waves to the fans, who cheer like they're at a rock concert--if rock concerts were played to geriatric throngs sporting walkers, bucket fishing hats, and high kneesocks.
envy the Director of Kneesocks, and wonder about the Under-Secretary of
The striped kneesocks, polo shirts, and large aviator sunglasses clothing a dense population of sun-kissed gay males lying on the limestone and concrete blocks lining an urban lake could suggest a contemporary scene.
I did not own the rights to her, but I felt that her clothes, hairstyles, kneesocks, wedge shoes, and tight T-shirts were extremely marketable.
I pause on the sidewalk to confirm that the rhythm isn't the tap of my penny loafers on pavement--me in my autumny orange-and-brown wool outfit with matching kneesocks.
Billposters are usually full-bearded people with wire-rimmed glasses, various types of physician's bags, climbing boots, woolen kneesocks, knickers, knapsacks with strapped-on ice axes, felt hats with pheasant, grouse, partridge, or chicken feathers and mountain climber's gear pinned on, who turn up in the remotest parts of the land, are greeted happily by the children because they often give them bent nails, crumpled paper scraps, stretched-out rubber kneebands, discarded rusty hinges in various sizes, torn suspenders, broken-off pieces of barbed wire, and many other things, but have to watch out that the posters they carry rolled up under their arms aren't stolen.
It could be "Hey ugly," or "Look at you, with your hand-me-downs," regarding a sister whose uniform was a little loose, or whose blouse wasn't ironed, or whose white kneesocks had lost their elastic.
Just as I was leaving, a line of girls in their plaid uniforms and kneesocks and oxfords came filing out of the library by the willow decked with origami ships, and I saw the girl with whom we'd had our original interview, the girl Zoe had perhaps presciently envied, calling her "little princess perfect.
About 50% of the participants were provided with compression kneesocks to wear and ultrasound screening was performed before the flights and then after travel within 24 hours of the return flights.
We can't wait to repack those goofy shorts and kneesocks we bought for our next cruise to Bermuda.
They sang "Pueeertoh Reeeeko" pushing past me in the crowded hallways in their kneesocks and plaid skirts, "my hearts devooootion," rushing to beat the passing bell, swinging their book bags against my shins, "let it sink into the OCEAN