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n. pl. knives (nīvz)
1. A cutting instrument consisting of a sharp blade attached to a handle.
2. A cutting edge; a blade.
v. knifed, knif·ing, knifes
1. To use a knife on, especially to stab; wound with a knife.
2. Informal To betray or attempt to defeat by underhand means.
To cut or slash a way through something with or as if with a knife: The boat knifed through the waves.
under the knife Informal
Undergoing surgery.

[Middle English knif, from Old English cnīf, from Old Norse knīfr.]

knif′er n.


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I said so; Jacks; and Chayner men: and hother Knifers.
Returning to the ranch after dealing with the vicious killer, Knifer, and his midget partner, Plug, in Denver, Rafe and Cookie discover a cryptic telegram from Jack, something about a phoenix, a word that conjures specters from their secret-agent war days.
If Malevich had intended his black square as a declaration of finality, Knifer saw his meanders as autonomous elements of a rhythm capable of achieving the monotony he deemed central to his quest for an "anti-painting.