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1. A rounded protuberance.
a. A rounded handle, as on a drawer or door.
b. A rounded control switch or dial.
3. A prominent rounded hill or mountain.

[Middle English knobbe, from Middle Low German, knot in wood.]

knobbed (nŏbd) adj.
knob′bi·ness n.
knob′by adj.


the quality or condition of being knobby
References in classic literature ?
The verses from the Gospel Seryozha knew fairly well, but at the moment when he was saying them he became so absorbed in watching the sharply protruding, bony knobbiness of his father's forehead, that he lost the thread, and he transposed the end of one verse and the beginning of another.
The crows saw the emptiness, the knobbiness, and they knew that there had been a death (Salkey 66-67)
My handlebars turned out to be perfectly adequate, by the way, and the knobbiness of my tires sufficient.