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A short club with one knobbed end, used as a weapon by warriors of certain South African peoples.

[Afrikaans knopkierie : knop, knob (from Middle Dutch cnoppe) + kieri, club (from Khoikhoi kirri, stick).]


(ˈnɒbˌkɛrɪ) or


(Arms & Armour (excluding Firearms)) a stick with a round knob at the end, used as a club or missile by South African tribesmen
[C19: from Afrikaans knopkierie, from knop knob, from Middle Dutch cnoppe + kierie stick, from Khoikhoi kīrri]
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Noun1.knobkerrie - a short wooden club with a heavy knob on one endknobkerrie - a short wooden club with a heavy knob on one end; used by aborigines in southern Africa
club - stout stick that is larger at one end; "he carried a club in self defense"; "he felt as if he had been hit with a club"
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There's little doubt our politicians sorely underestimated the native force, armed with only hide shields, knobkerrie clubs, assegais - long, throwing spears - and shorter, stabbing spears dubbed iklwa, a Zulu word which described the slurping noise as the weapon was pulled from a victim.
Knobkerrie of Nangue, how did you meet life Knobkerrie, elaborate how you Afrika met Knobkerrie, explain your path-crossing with that of humans Knobkerrie, who are you and from whom are you?
UNCLE (Slamming his knobkerrie on the coffee table threateningly): AIWA
Black Girl lived in a primeval forest, carried a knobkerrie (a wooden club with a knobbed end), and was highly sexualized with her nakedness and her pronounced womb.
His initiation into manhood is complete when one of the elders, Oom Dan, conveys his regret for what has befallen Lumkile by presenting him with his own knobkerrie, which, the young man realises, symbolises 'the privilege to handle the manhood of a grown man' (p.
She grabbed the knobkerrie and started hitting him.
He stood his ground and with his stick, a sort of light knobkerrie, hit the bull hard on his nose.
A burglar must have broken in when my attention was diverted, I thought, reaching for my courage and the knobkerrie that rests in the cupboard under the stairs.
A machete was found on his body and a knobkerrie - a wooden staff with a rounded head - next to the bed.
Even after the dog's head has been struck by a knobkerrie "[t]he crowd continues, without a sound, to pound the dead dog's body.
On the post-UDI version, the Zimbabwe bird and lion are in gold wire, the wreath, spear and knobkerrie in silver wire.