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LOT 1 was marked in whitewashed knock-knee letters on the brew house; LOT 2 on that part of the main building which had been so long shut up.
Children need vitamin D to build strong bones and prevent rickets, which causes bowlegs, knock-knees and weak bones.
He was made to wear leg braces to correct his knock-knees and developed a stammer.
We do the knock-knees and the windmill, and we do the breakaway Charleston, which is almost swing dancing.
Minor leg and foot problems children are born with include "pigeon" toes, splay foot, bowlegs, knock-knees and flat feet.
Among the once-common disorders that have been largely consigned to history are knock-knees and curvature of the spine.
He' s a darling man - despite his bony shoulders and knock-knees.
For instance, does the model above actually have a humpback, knock-knees and fantastic moustache but the dress managed to iron out those cosmetic wrinkles?
THE old sun was sulking behind sacks of grey cloud, but my wife was in spry mood as she skipped into the kitchen, trilling the opening bars of that charming school assembly hymn, All Things Bright and Beautiful, so favoured by pupils with knock-knees, buck teeth and prefects' badges - as well as doughty Girl Guides still practising their knots and bird whistles on the bath-chairs of the Autumn Ridge Residential Home.