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 (nŏk′ôf′, -ŏf′)
n. Informal
An unauthorized copy or imitation, as of designer clothing: "the place to go for quality knockoffs" (Women's Wear Daily).


or knock′-off`,

an unauthorized, cheap copy of something, esp. fashion clothing.
[1965–70, Amer.]
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Noun1.knockoff - an unauthorized copy or imitation
copy - a thing made to be similar or identical to another thing; "she made a copy of the designer dress"; "the clone was a copy of its ancestor"
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About a year ago, my wife bought several economical replacement knockoff chargers for her employees' Mac laptops, the cords of which their cats had found delicious.
KUWAIT, April 9 (KUNA) -- An Arab expat was arrested for the possession of nearly half a million knockoff or counterfeit medical pills whose use may cause death, said a press statement by the Ministry of Interior on Saturday.
In addition, retailer inventory of the knockoff lip balms will be sold off or destroyed within several months.
NEW YORK -- Eos Products LLC has reached a settlement that stops a private label manufacturer and its components supplier from selling knockoff versions of its egg-shape lip balm.
Seyfarth Shaw attorney Edward Maluf recently sat down with Inside Counsel to shed some light on this issue by sharing the best ways the fashion industry can combat the knockoff issue and protect their intellectual property.
Furthermore, the knockoffs keep the innovative work of manufacturers at a high price, because as the volume oriented knockoff market takes over, the innovators don't get a chance to grow their volume of production to the point where economies of scale help decrease the price of their original design.
ABU DHABI: An Indian engineer in Abu Dhabi had a worse E-shopping experience when he received a used knockoff phone instead of the brand new Samsung Galaxy he had ordered from an online shopping portal.
If the United States does not take action relative to this problem, those misguided persons who have left the United State to join ISIS and the other knockoff Muslims will be allowed to return and work within to destroy it.
Last week was an interesting time frame with the arrival of a new device, accidental confirmation of an anticipated product and a knockoff, which is way cheaper than the original product.
He went on to say that the best way to combat the sale of pirated and knockoff versions of Microsoft products was to first encourage innovation, saying that research and development in Egypt was particularly lacking in this field.
Nuevo sells its knockoff furniture items, directly or indirectly, to retailers who sell the knockoff furniture to consumers, sometimes in connection with the Eames trademark," the suit claims, at substantially less prices.
The two set to dispute favouritism, Drumlister and Definite Knockoff, clash again after they filled the first two places in a decent and possibly superior handicap at Killarney on Saturday.