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adj. knot·ti·er, knot·ti·est
1. Tied or snarled in knots.
2. Covered with knots or knobs; gnarled.
3. Difficult to understand or solve: "[The columnist] supplies funny, wise responses to knotty ethical dilemmas posed by readers" (David Pogue).

knot′ti·ness n.
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Noun1.knottiness - puzzling complexity
complexity, complexness - the quality of being intricate and compounded; "he enjoyed the complexity of modern computers"
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Now we have the added dimension of this perfectly planed and polished backdrop, throwing the knottiness of the narrative into sharp relief.
The uniqueness of the role of first ladies is its soft touch and freedom from the knottiness and even ugliness of hard politics.
Jacobs's central point in any case is that the degree of knottiness on the relationships between carriers of the two syndromes can produce what she described as "monstrous moral hybrids.
There must be, that is to say, something more to that injunction than just the traditional "As I am now, so shall you be" sentiments expressed on tombstone, but what that something more may be appears to be more elusive than any other aspect of this notoriously knotty poem's notorious knottiness.
The X-ray scanner produces stable knottiness and density signals, with highly repeatable results (Gjudiceandrea 2005).
A musicological approach can, however, help throw light on the basic issues of those debates and proclamations, which seem so impenetrable in terms both of their extent and the knottiness of the arguments, particularly in view of the fact that the arguments to do with music history and compositional techniques were sometimes a front for cultural and political interests.
surveys recent books on the knottiness of religion and violence; ForeWord Associate Editor Whitney Hallberg casts her eye over books covering the arts and crafts of needles and threads; and Kristine Morris takes the reader on a mindful tour of the latest body, mind, and spirit titles.
For example, knottiness may be crucial to the workings of certain proteins (MathTrek; sciencenews.
Here he could indulge both styles, finding the Monkish knottiness in a prelude, or adapting some of Dmitri's film music to the shape of a jazz standard.
Beyer said he works with clients to find the right color and also the right combination of character or knottiness in the wood for cabinetry in their homes.