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Any of various low-growing or shrubby plants of the family Polyganaceae, having jointed stems and small flowers.


(Plants) any of several polygonaceous plants of the genus Polygonum, having small flowers and jointed stems



any of several knotty-stemmed plants belonging to the genus Polygonum, of the buckwheat family.
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Contract awarded for Of japanese knotweed at the newly purchased site for the london cancer hub w172
INSTITUTE look set to leave the Riverside Stadium because of a Japanese Knotweed infestation.
A FORMER call centre worker is on a mission to tackle the scourge of Japanese Knotweed after being moved by the plight of a desperate householder.
THE man behind a Japanese knotweed test case which could have huge implications for Network Rail has vowed to keep fighting despite the lodging of an appeal.
Imported as an ornamental plant, Japanese knotweed quickly spreads, as its deep creeping roots are extremely hard to control.
Christopher and Marie Moore's Yardley Wood garden is under siege after being invaded by the fearsome Japanese knotweed.
Christopher and Marie Moore's 70ft garden is under siege after being invaded by Japanese knotweed.
VOLUNTEERS teamed up with the Environment Agency to tackle the scourge of Japanese knotweed on the banks of the River Holme.
uk QDO I have to clear Japanese knotweed before selling my house?
RESIDENTS of a Coventry street where the dreaded Japanese knotweed has been found have been warned they could be fined thousands of pounds if they don't stop it spreading.
It comes from the root of the Japanese Knotweed plant, and it is a completely natural product.
A NUMBER of cases of Japanese knotweed have been reported on Teesside in the past T five years.