know apart

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Verb1.know apart - recognize or perceive the difference
subtilize - mark fine distinctions and subtleties, as among words
differentiate, distinguish, secern, secernate, severalise, severalize, tell apart, separate, tell - mark as different; "We distinguish several kinds of maple"
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The only people who know apart from us three are Dev, Sinitta, Lloyd.
You know apart from making the singer and the listeners happy, singing improves the immune system of the singer too
The press release quotes a variety of science, but who is going to know apart from the grocery trade, as nothing is stated on pack.
I'veknown him longer than anyone else I know apart from my immediate family and I've certainly spent more time with him than anyone apart from Jennifer, so yes you learn a different form of friendship.
But those two tracks and Let The People Know apart, there was little to shout about here.