know the score

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Verb1.know the score - be well-informed
know - know how to do or perform something; "She knows how to knit"; "Does your husband know how to cook?"
connaître la musique
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Went out to one and all To those waiting for the news To those hoping for a win To knowledge-seeking cross-worders The ECHO kept them all well-in The shouter's name was Datty Phillips He rode a deep basket order bike He shouted Excie-ECHO during His daily, two-hour, selling hike He rode from Bootle, where he lived And did the streets of Stanley Road Then ventured into Melrose Buildings To sell the remainder of his load The Billogs of Owen and Melrose Road Housed two hundred families or more Datty did a roaring trade there From people who wanted to know the score If you say you're from those Billogs But was not a Datty fan That means you have no real heart For he was our beloved Exie-ECHO man by A Scallywag, via email
Women who apply to work with them know the score (sorry).
The mathematical website Electoral Calculus does just that and if David Cameron and Nick Clegg don't want to know the score they should look away now.
Those who've been before will know the score," said organiser Maz.
Parents and youngsters in Middlesbrough know the score, so most come from outside the town.
There are perks as well as negative points about training to be a doctor, and the newlyqualified medics know the score before they sign up for the course.
Every month 2000 call the Know the Score information hotline for free confidential advice - and a further 25,000 visit the website.
I'm sad no more, I know the score, the memories keep me safe, I was hurting so much to feel your touch, I know you're in God's heavenly place.
99) is available at all good bookshops and direct from Know The Score Books Ltd, 118 Alcester Road, Studley, Warwickshire, B80 7NT for only pounds 15 (P&P free).
However, if you've seen the trailer or the TV spots, you probably know the score.
With World Cup fever engulfing England, Thomas Cook, the people who know the world better than anyone, are urging the nation to brush up on footballing knowledge with its guidebook to the World Cup, Know The Score.
So call us--to know the score before you enter the game.