knowledge engineering

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knowledge engineer

A person who constructs knowledge bases or the programs that operate on them.

knowledge engineering n.
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The International Competition on Knowledge Engineering for Planning and Scheduling has been running since 2005 as a biennial event promoting the development and importance of the use of knowledge engineering methods and techniques within this area.
SSC San Diego's UCD designers and engineers "beef up" the UCD process by adding current best practices from the knowledge engineering and business process modeling disciplines.
Local companies Singaporean Technologies Computer Systems, Keppel Engineering Ltd and Knowledge Engineering Ltd are also members of the consortium.
The question remains: How can technical communicators facilitate movement from communication rooted in printed manuals to communication that embraces knowledge engineering and expands the use of alternative media for technical documentation?
The second is the industry's general lack of skills in knowledge engineering.
The thrust of this multimedia aid is to step the student through the knowledge engineering life cycle (i.
This last product, known as Catia Knowledge Engineering, is an expert system that can embrace an organization's collective design knowledge.
The area of knowledge engineering and expert systems is great enough to provide many articles for specialized topics, and this survey article includes topics important for their practical applications.
From this knowledge engineering process, a comprehensive clinical decision-making Rule Base component can be achieved.
Then the authors turn to knowledge engineering," which they describe as "the task of acquiring expert knowledge and encoding it in such a way that it can be used by an expert system.
Some employers even let people without advanced degrees perform knowledge engineering, generally with shells.
Thus, capturing the experience of every decision taken in an explicit representation form is highlighted as the utmost importance in knowledge engineering presented in this book.

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