knuckle down

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a. The prominence of the dorsal aspect of a joint of a finger, especially of one of the joints connecting the fingers to the hand.
b. A rounded protuberance formed by the bones in a joint.
2. A cut of meat centering on the carpal or tarsal joint, as of a pig.
3. The part of a hinge through which the pin passes.
4. A sharp angle formed by the meeting of two surfaces, especially two ship's timbers.
5. knuckles Brass knuckles.
tr.v. knuck·led, knuck·ling, knuck·les
1. To press, rub, or hit with the knuckles.
2. To shoot (a marble) with the thumb over the bent forefinger.
Phrasal Verbs:
knuckle down
To apply oneself earnestly to a task.
knuckle under
To yield to pressure; give in.

[Middle English knokel.]

knuckle down

(intr, adverb) informal to apply oneself diligently: to knuckle down to some work.
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Verb1.knuckle down - work very hard, like a slave
do work, work - be employed; "Is your husband working again?"; "My wife never worked"; "Do you want to work after the age of 60?"; "She never did any work because she inherited a lot of money"; "She works as a waitress to put herself through college"

w>knuckle down

vi (inf)sich dahinterklemmen (inf), → sich dranmachen (inf); to knuckle down to worksich hinter die Arbeit klemmen (inf), → sich an die Arbeit machen
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Aiden's just got to knuckle down to try to get into Everton's first team, which is never easy because they've got a lot of quality.
They've invested over the last couple of days but it's up to Aiden to knuckle down and play regular football because the big problem for us, I've said it before, is that players turn up for international week not playing week in week out and it does catch up with you eventually.
But McClaren has warned Cisse (above) that if he does stay he will have to knuckle down and contribute to the great team spirit at the club - something that was in evidence at Old Trafford last week and even in defeat against Arsenal yesterday.
8DA followed YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 In brief 9 Exert 10 Nerve 11 Eclipse 12 See 13 Nocturne 16 Industry 17 Ore 19 Liberia 21 Piano 22 Rural 23 Tankard T DOWN: 1Witness 2 Aberdeen 3 Fire 4 Jealousy 5 Reap 6 Otter 8 French toast 13 Neutrals 14 Neonatal 15 Seconds 18 Alarm 20 Bare 21 Punk QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Miss the boat 8 Pad 9 Sea 11 Sultana 12 Still 13 Ale 14 Ali 15 Buttons 17 Met 19 Kiwi 21 Oral 23 Spin 25 Pipe 27 Key 29 Factual 31 All 34 Cod 36 React 37 Observe 38 Law 39 Eel 40 Knuckle down DOWN: 1 Maul 2 Idle 3 Spatula 4 Health 5 Bison 6 Asia 7 Tell T 8 Psalm 10 Alibi 16 Ski 18 Top 20 T Ink 22 Ref 24 Praised 25 Pearl 26 Stroll 28 Yodel 30 Attic 32 Leak 33 Lawn 34 Crew 35 Oven
So you just try and forget about it as soon as possible, learn from it if there are things to learn from, to help you in the next game and just knuckle down in training and concentrate on the gameplan for beating West Brom come Saturday.
But at this stage I am a Town player and I am ready to knuckle down.
But now that that is wearing off, we must be prepared to knuckle down and graft and then see where we are.
Hancox decided to knuckle down and make the most of his talents and, just 18 months on, the gifted youngster was rewarded with a three-year contract at St Andrew's.
Djokovic was at his lowest ebb when Melzer came back from two sets down to beat him in the 2010 French Open, but that was the spark for the Serb to knuckle down and get his career back on track.
After being smothered by the warm welcome of Invercargill, let's hope we knuckle down, get all mean and moody again, and do ourselves proud on the pitch.
For this reason, if SDSM does not knuckle down soon, it risks facing a true debacle at the next elections, says Geleva.
We have to knuckle down and look forward to the next game," said Bertrand.