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1. A knob, knot, or other small protuberance.
2. One of a series of small ridges or grooves on the surface or edge of a metal object, such as a thumbscrew, to aid in gripping.
tr.v. knurled, knurl·ing, knurls
To provide with knurls; mill.

[ Probably diminutive of knur.]

knurled (nûrld) adj.
knurl′y adj.



1. having small ridges on the edge or surface; milled.
2. having knurls or knots; gnarled.


[nɜːld] ADJnudoso; [coin] → acordonado
References in classic literature ?
She compared it with those of the knurled and knotted men from whom she must choose a mate, and La shuddered at the thought.
Two knurled triggers (forward/relaxed) are included, and each are micro-adjustable.
Tenders are invited for Hexagonal Socket Set Screw With Knurled Cup
Precision crafted metal sides feature a knurled pattern found in luxury car switchgear, as well as the signature H branding, which wraps around the front of the sunglasses.
2 retained screws with knurled grip knob provide an elegant solution to problems of mounting/demounting brackets, components, instruments etc.
He added, "Few special products of PROTEXT are Knurled Apron, Apron ER, Rough internally Apron and special Cots.
Tola is an octagonal shaped coin with distinctive knurled edges and an intricate finish with 999.
An integral hinge with a conformal cam lever and a knurled screw.
It features V8 S tread plates, 20-inch open-spoke painted wheels and an interior with piano-black wood veneers and a three-spoke sports steering wheel, both standard, along with a knurled gear lever and gear shift paddles, two-tone seats with a contrasting roof centre bow and V8 S headrest stitching.
4 ASPH lenses, which have been modified to resemble a 1959 design with knurled focus rings and scalloped aperture rings.
The Sear Pin and Cocking Lever/Hammer pin are knurled on the left side to hold them in place when the gun is assembled.
The Aluminum Pipe Wrench Handle Extenders are aluminum pipes that come in four sizes to fit 14", 18", 24", and 36" steel and aluminum pipe wrenches They allow a user to apply half the force to get the same amount of torque and feature a special non-slip knurled or machine textured grip to lower fatigue for the muscles in the hand.