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A bump or knot, as on a tree trunk; a gnarl.

[Middle English knor.]


(nɜː) or




(Forestry) a knot or protuberance in a tree trunk or in wood
[C16 knor; related to Middle High German knorre knot; compare knar]



a knotty growth, as on a tree.
[1350–1400; Middle English knorre, knor; c. Middle Low German, Middle Dutch, Middle High German knorre]
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Knurr customers are able to integrate touchscreen panels into Knurr's Synergy, Dacobas, Elicon, and Ergocon lines of consoles.
Extron Incorporated, the North American manufacturer and distributor of Knurr electronics enclosures, control room consoles, and mobile carts, is launching its new touchscreen-embedded work surfaces in its control room consoles at the Emerson Global User Exchange conference on October 12-16, 2015.
Schroff, Knurr, Rittal, Gichert, Krane Almatec and other generic industry standards in general use.
Louis-based center will also provide a showcase of Emerson's ASCO, Aperature, Liebert and Knurr branded power products, for current and potential customers to tour.
Knurr is a leading German manufacturer of control-room consoles.
99 backplane with unconnected Specs * Multiple plug-in sixth-slot peripheral options/ * Custom configurations and configurations available integration services available National Instruments Emerson Network Power NI's PXIe-1065 eighteen-slot The Liebert XDK 19-inch chassis features a high- Knurr rack enclosure with bandwidth backplane to meet integrated cooling high-performance test and capabilities provides measurement application secure and reliable cooling needs.
How Sam survived without her lipstick - the one that enables her to achieve that smile that puts The Joker's to shame - we will never knurr.
Knurr J, Benedek 0, Heslop J, Vinson RB, Boydston JA, McAndrew J, et al.
The Warwickshire company, g4, has bought into Knurr, a leading producer of racking systems and enclosures for electronics.
Stratford-based g4 has bought into Knurr AG, which produces racking systems and enclosures for electronics and communications equipment, with funding from venture capital company 3i.
Collaborating with Microsoft and their Architectural consulting team, a design was created that includes 16 Knurr DCM racks, a 200kVA Liebert NX Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) and 6 Liebert CRV row-based cooling systems.