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Any of several edible kelps, especially Saccharina japonica (syn. Laminaria japonica), often used to flavor stock.



(ˈkɒmbuː) or


(Cookery) a dark brown seaweed of the genus Laminaria (class Phaeophyceae) the leaves of which are dried and used esp in Japanese cookery
[C19: Japanese]
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Since my girlfriend is Japanese, our simple hot pot often includes dashi broth with kombu (edible kelp).
Ryan Smith, Staplehouse TOMATO TART, OKRA SEED, AND BORAGE For the tart shell: 255 grams butter 150 grams sugar 2 eggs 500 grams flour Sea salt, as needed For the borage: 450 grams borage leaves Olive oil, as needed 2 onions, peeled and halved 4 cloves of garlic, peeled 100 grams kombu seaweed 400 grams water 50 grams dried shiitake powder For the tomatoes: 12-15 sungold tomatoes 10 grams tomato water thickened with Ultra-Tex Sea salt, as needed For the burnt tomato powder: Reserved tomato skins Sea salt, as needed For the okra seed: Okra Okra seed oil Salt, as needed For the garnish: Holy basil FOR THE TART SHELL: Using a stand mixer with paddle attachment, incorporate butter with sugar, occasionally scrapping down sides of mixing bowl.
It is essentially a light broth - actually more of an infusion, like tea - made from kombu, a type of dried kelp, and katsuobushi, which is made from smoked, fermented and dried tuna.
One special ingredient is the dashi fish stock made by heating water containing kombu (edible kelp) and kezurikatsuo (shavings of Katsuobushi - preserved, fermented skipjack tuna) to near-boiling, then straining the resultant liquid.
For specific ingredients that are umami-rich like soy sauce, kombu (Japanese seaweed), and parmesan cheese, aging them makes their inherent flavor and taste much more delicious.
Tenders are invited for atsp - kanthalloor grama panchayath - maintenance of dhindu kombu anganwadi in kanthalloor grama panchayath
Sample dish: Lemon sole, squid, artichoke and royal kombu (kelp).
Monkfish, purple sprouting broccoli, green sauce and kombu Heat a pan and add oil and butter.
There, they step out of urban Tokyo--Kawase having made frames-within-frames from the endless crisscrossing telephone, train and electrical wires--and into another world: a magical forest of orchids, leafy trees and just-prepared meals featuring handmade kombu, umeboshi, daifuku.
Research from Mintel showed that food and drink product launches with seaweed flavors, including kombu, nori/laver and wakame seaweed flavors have increased by 147% in Europe between 2011 and 2015.
Mintel reveals that food and drink product launches with seaweed flavors, including kombu, nori/laver and wakame seaweed flavors, in North America increased by 76 percent between 2011 and 2015.
Liston specialises in yakitori, which will be a highlight on the tasting menu dinner featuring ingredients such as wakame, kombu, yuzu and laver.