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A lightly sparkling beverage made by fermenting black or green tea and sugar with a culture of various bacteria and yeasts.

[Probably from Japanese kombucha, tea made from kombu (the Japanese word perhaps being used by English speakers to designate fermented tea due to confusion or because the thick gelatinous film produced by the kombucha culture was thought to resemble seaweed) : kombu, kombu; see kombu + cha, tea; see chanoyu.]
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He said he's never heard of Kombucha causing someone to flunk a test, but it's theoretically possible if a skinny person drank an obscene amount.
That strategy, he said, works in tandem with establishing Kombucha Town's home base in Bellingham.
We have played around with other live liquids, and they seem to be OK too: kefir, yogurt, kombucha.
Products such as coconut water, bottled fresh juices and smoothies, sparkling kombucha (an effervescent fermentation of sweetened tea), ready-to-drink teas and water enhancers continue to garner consumers' curiosity.
Do-it-yourself products include cheese-making, kombucha and sprout kits.
The global Kombucha Market is estimated to grow from USD 0.
MULTIPLE SCLEROSISALTHOUGH there is no cure for the chronic neurological condition, there is anecdotal evidence that Kombucha Tea, made from an antiviral fungus, can alleviate some of the symptoms.
In the past five years I have read many new things from your articles and tried most of them with success however; have not read anything on Kefir grains or Kombucha tea.
Revolucion Coffee + Juice - An established coffee shop, and pioneer in cold-pressed juices, seeking to expand a Kombucha line.
sugar free) Water Kombucha Coconut water Tea (Celestial Seasonings) Coffee Soda The City is also requesting that over 80% of beverages be provided in either aluminum or glass in an effort to limit the amount of plastic bottles in the recycling stream.
And to wash it all down there's a bar providing Kombucha, or what the ancient Chinese called the 'tea of immortality' - an alcohol-free, fermented tea beverage which tastes like something between sparkling apple cider and champagne.