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A lightly sparkling beverage made by fermenting black or green tea and sugar with a culture of various bacteria and yeasts.

[Probably from Japanese kombucha, tea made from kombu (the Japanese word perhaps being used by English speakers to designate fermented tea due to confusion or because the thick gelatinous film produced by the kombucha culture was thought to resemble seaweed) : kombu, kombu; see kombu + cha, tea; see chanoyu.]
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The taproom also will serve food and drinks like organic soda and kombucha.
LA Brewery, Non-Alcoholic Kombucha Brewery, Kettering: Kombucha a fermented tea - is experiencing a surge in popularity due to its potential health benefits.
The market pioneers include Cafe Grumpy (locally roasted coffee); Ends Meat (whole animal butcher and salumeria); Essex Pearl (seafood market); Kuro-Obi by Ippudo New York (Japanese ramen); Nom Wah (Chinese dim sum); Pilot Kombucha (locally fermented kombucha); Schaller & Weber (German butcher and grocer); Tortilleria Nixtamal (traditional method tortilleria); Veselka (Ukrainian pierogies and comfort food).
Kimchi, kombucha, sauerkraut, miso and kefir -- all fermented foods and drinks -- have been around for centuries, but suddenly they are all the rage.
It's clear Kiwis want a place where they can bring their bags, bottles and jars to fill up with raw honey or kombucha on tap, mill their flour and observe the making of their nut butter from roasted nuts.
com)-- Thea Kombucha's Kickstarter campaign exceeds its funding goal in less than 48 hours for its new home-brewing product, Kombucha Starter Seed[TM], The Easiest Way to Make Real Kombucha at Home[TM].
Fermented Kombucha tea is the latest health trend from the States and is full of friendly bacteria which can help support digestion and boost immunity.
As an avid kombucha drinker, editor Russell Mullin saw making his own brew as a natural next step.
WHENEVER Kelsey Moore returned to her native Canada on holiday, she enjoyed drinking kombucha, a popular drink in North America.
That's due in part to Sarasota's Kombucha 221 BC, launched in 2014 by husband and wife Eric and Aneta Lundquist.
Then there's kombucha - a slightly fizzy, fermented, cold tea drink that's supposed to do great things for your gut thanks to its probiotic qualities.
Foods identified throughout the various store departments include: Onions, whole wheat and sourdough bread, apples, asparagus, bananas, kefir, oats, yogurt, beans, lentils, sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi and tempeh.