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 (ko͝ok′ə-bûr′ə, -bŭr′ə)
1. A large kingfisher (Dacelo novaeguineae) of southern and eastern Australia, having brown and white plumage and a call resembling raucous laughter. Also called laughing jackass.
2. Any of several similar kingfishers of the genera Dacelo and Clytoceyx of Australia, New Guinea, and neighboring islands.

[Wiradhuri (Pama-Nyungan language of southeast Australia) gugubarra, of imitative origin.]


1. (Animals) Also called: laughing jackass a large arboreal Australian kingfisher, Dacelo novaeguineae (or gigas), with a cackling cry
2. (Animals) Also called: blue-winged kookaburra a related smaller bird D. Leachii, of tropical Australia and New Guinea
[C19: from a native Australian language]


(ˈkʊk əˌbɜr ə, -ˌbʌr ə)

n., pl. -ras.
any of several Australian and Papuan birds of the genus Dacelo, of the kingfisher family, esp. D. gigas, having a loud call that resembles laughter.
[1885–90; < Wiradjuri (Australian Aboriginal language)]
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Noun1.kookaburra - Australian kingfisher having a loud cackling crykookaburra - Australian kingfisher having a loud cackling cry
kingfisher - nonpasserine large-headed bird with a short tail and long sharp bill; usually crested and bright-colored; feed mostly on fish
Dacelo, genus Dacelo - Australasian kingfishers


[ˈkʊkəˌbʌrə] Nkookaburra m


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