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or ko·peck  (kō′pĕk)
A Russian unit of currency equal to 1/100 of the ruble.

[Russian kopeĭka, from Middle Russian kopeika, from kopie, spear (from the image of St. George, patron saint of Moscow, on horseback holding a spear that appeared on the coins from their introduction in 1535 until the early 1800s ).]
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Noun1.kopek - 100 kopecks equal 1 ruble in Russiakopek - 100 kopecks equal 1 ruble in Russia
Russian monetary unit - monetary unit in Russia
rouble, ruble - the basic unit of money in Russia
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She was looking so ill, and I felt so sorry for her, that I gave her twenty kopecks.
When the Tatar appeared with a bill for twenty-six roubles and odd kopecks, besides a tip for himself, Levin, who would another time have been horrified, like any one from the country, at his share of fourteen roubles, did not notice it, paid, and set off homewards to dress and go to the Shtcherbatskys' there to decide his fate.
Another time I followed him to his flat, and for ten kopecks learned from the porter where he lived, on which storey, whether he lived alone or with others, and so on--in fact, everything one could learn from a porter.
1 - 1,300,000 (one million three hundred thousand) rubles 00 kopecks, including VAT; Including VAT (18%) 198 305.
The Russian currency is seemingly making a comeback, gaining 94 kopecks against the US dollar to 69.
Under its current policy, the central bank shifts the basket by five kopecks when a standard allotment of $350 million in interventions is exhausted.
The central bank said on its website that the currency band was moved five kopecks higher to RUB32.
The Russian rouble weakened 3 kopecks versus the euro-dollar basket but was only 16 kopecks below a 15-month high, and traders said the currency did not move on the attack.
Thus, US dollar became cheaper for 35 kopecks (from 30.
Despite there being 100 kopecks to the rouble in Russia, Betts explained that he hoped Kopeck would prove 'better than just being a hundredth as good'.