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 (ko͞o′kən, -KHən)
Any of various cakes, especially a coffeecake containing fruit.

[German, from Middle High German kuoche, cake, from Old High German kuocho.]


(Cookery) a breadlike cake containing apple, nuts, and sugar, originating in Germany
[German: cake]


(ˈku xən)

a yeast-raised coffeecake, often containing fruit.
[1850–55; < German Kuchen cake]
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Visitors to the event will be treated to traditional German food and bier, including Bratwurst (fried sausages) and Kuchen (German cakes), with live entertainment from a German Oompah band.
The fair will feature crafts, kuchen, pastries, needlework, sauerkraut, hidden treasures and a cookie choice.
We sampled Germany's popular coffee and cake tradition - Kaffee und Kuchen - at the quaint Berliner Kaffeerosterei (berlinerkaffeeroesterei.
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Exciting German recipes include May Wine, dandelion salad, warm potato salad, liver dumplings in broth, pretzels, round steak casserole, Weiner Schnitzel (breaded veal cutlet), Black Forest asparagus, Oma's apple dumplings, rhubarb cream pie, kuchen, Bavarian cream, and more.
KAFFEE und kuchen (coffee and cakes) were the order of the day at Salendine Nook High School's introductory day for primary schools.
Louis and who recorded recipes for raisin wine, potato glace (fat-covered potato dumplings), and kuchen (cake).
12, 1923, in Oregon to Julius and Abbygail Kuchen Holtorf.
Being alert is always a good idea, but the chances of being caught up in a chemical or biological attack while enjoying Kaffee und Kuchen in Garmisch Partenkirchen are remote.
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