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n. pl. kuk·ris
A large knife with a somewhat sickle-shaped blade that is broader near its point than near the hilt, used especially by Gurkha soldiers as a weapon and cutting tool.

[Nepali khukurī, probably via Hindi khukhrī.]


n, pl -ris
(Arms & Armour (excluding Firearms)) a knife with a curved blade that broadens towards the point, esp as used by Gurkhas
[from Hindi]
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Harker evidently meant to try the matter, for he had ready his great Kukri knife and made a fierce and sudden cut at him.
6 The Browning Wihongi Kukri is a fusion of the traditional Ghurka warrior blade but decorated with Maori tribal patterns.
A two member rescue team was promptly dispatched to the location and upon arrival, identified the snake as a juvenile common kukri (Oligodon arnensis) also known as the banded kukri.
Speaking at a corner meeting at the Kukri Ground in Lyari, he said there was a 'union' of corrupt in the country as according to him they unite every time an action was taken against any such individual.
Along with Jacob's brawn and Evie's stealth, players use a new arsenal of weapons, including a kukri knife, brass knuckles and sword cane in brutal combat, and utilize the brand-new rope launcher to scale buildings in seconds or take enemies by surprise.
The kukri is a knife associated with soldiers from which Asian people?
Because there was no room for Corporal Gurung to aim his rifle he used his 18-inch kukri (knife) against the man.
An entire section is dedicated to artefacts and objects ranging from a biscuit box, badges, kukri s, a card holder and medical kits.
Today's 3,400 Gurkhas carry the traditional Kukri curved knife.
Before the student could answer, Theo walked to the door and took a kukri from the wall and slashed it back and forward, asking the student in a low key manner whether he was aware what the kukri was used for in battle.
To my delight, pride and honour I have been shortlisted for the Kukri 'Athlete of the Year' award, as well as the Haven 'Para Athlete of the Year'.
Willis, an ambassador for Commonwealth Games England kit suppliers Kukri, got the better of Jamieson at the World Championships in Barcelona this summer.