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 (ko͞o-nĕf′ə) also kna·feh (knä′fə)
A sweet dish of Middle Eastern origin consisting of a layer of cheese baked between two layers of crispy pastry threads and drizzled with perfumed sugar syrup.

[Arabic kunāfa and Turkish künefe (Turkish, from Arabic), from Arabic kanafa, to flank, surround, provide with an enclosure; see knp in Semitic roots.]
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Delectable desserts such as baklava and kunefe prepared in the original way round out the experience.
Kunefe, and Bici bici (a dessert made milk and caramel) are some other options to try out.
Others participating will be Corum, known for the roasted chickpea called Leblebi, and Hatay, home of the cheese desert, Kunefe.