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A loose long-sleeved shirt or tunic, often extending to the knees, worn primarily in South Asia.

[Hindi and Urdu kurtā, from Persian kurta.]


(ˈkʊətə) or


(Clothing & Fashion) a long loose garment like a shirt without a collar worn in India
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Noun1.kurta - a loose collarless shirt worn by many people on the Indian subcontinent (usually with a salwar or churidars or pyjama)kurta - a loose collarless shirt worn by many people on the Indian subcontinent (usually with a salwar or churidars or pyjama)
shirt - a garment worn on the upper half of the body
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Men's dhoti, kurta pajama, silk shirts, ethnic chappals available under Rs.
I have specially designed a kurta for this tournament with Sharma's photo on the back of it".
Dressed in a white kurta, animal print pants and white sports shoes, 11-time Grammy Award winner Williams seemed to have a great time with Singh as they danced to Bollywood and Punjabi songs including Malharia , Dil Dhadakne Do , Subha Hone Na De , Mundian To Bach Ke and Ainvayi Ainvayi.
ISLAMABAD -- As trendy clothes are gaining popularity with the youth, colorful kurta with jeans is still a popular wear among Young girls and boys in Pakistan specially during the upcoming summer season.
Clad in a black kurta shalwar with golden embroidery along with a group of four drummers, they created magic.
Kurta provides up to date information on the taxonomy, geographic distribution, ecology, and behavior of mammal species in the Great Lakes Region of North America.
Other designers who impressed the audience included Kochi- based designer Sreejith Jeevan with his label Rouka that showcased linen and handwoven saris, loose dresses, kurta jackets and trousers in clean cuts and quirky embroideries.
Normally boys prefer to wear Shalwaar Kameez/ Kurta for offering Eid prayers and later half of the day till night wear jeans and shirt.
In men's apparels, the brand deals in sherwanis, Indo westerns, kurta pyjamas, suits and blazers.
While in Parliament, Dushyant has his jeans days and kurta days; outside it, he keeps, what he calls, me time and you time: the first to chill with friends and watch movies; the second for politics and the constituency.
Kathy Engstrom, first vice-president, chose to wear a kurta for ease of movement.
Alia was seen in a simple white kurta with navy blue patiala salwar.