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See Cuanza.


n. pl. kwanza or kwan·zas
See Table at currency.

[After the Kwanza River, the largest river of Angola.]


(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Angola, divided into 100 lwei
[from a Bantu language]


(ˈkwɑn zə)

n., pl. -za, -zas.
the basic monetary unit of Angola.
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Noun1.kwanza - the basic unit of money in Angola
Angolan monetary unit - monetary unit in Angola
lwei - 100 lwei equal 1 kwanza in Angola
2.kwanza - a festival featuring African-American cultureKwanza - a festival featuring African-American culture; celebrated between Christmas and New Year
festival, fete - an organized series of acts and performances (usually in one place); "a drama festival"
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Through deployment of its operations teams, APACOMINAS will alleviate the impacts of landmines and UXO in the affected communities of Kwanza Sul province.
New discoveries in the Kwanza basin in Angola by Statoil ASA (Norway) have increased the expectations of the IOCs.
According to Reuters, the apex bank is planning to further devalue the kwanza this year.
Offshore reserves were found in the rich Kwanza Basin.
Similarly, blocks in the planned new licensing round are located in the Kwanza and Namibe ultra deepwater basins.
The Governor of the Bank of Namibia, Mr Ipumbu Shiimi, this Monday, 22 September signed a Currency Conversion Agreement between the Bank of Namibia and Banco Nacional de Angola paving the way for the use of the Kwanza at the border town of Oshikango in northern Namibia.
State oil company Sonangol last month announced plans to hold bidding this year and next for licences to explore for oil onshore in 10 new blocks in the Kwanza and Lower Congo basins.
com/news/2012-09-30/angola-oil-law-taking-force-today-may-boost-liquidity) Bloomberg News reported on the latest action within that country to shore up the use and legitimacy of its currency -- the Angolan kwanza -- vis a vis widely circulated U.
A series of other measures will follow over the next year, which should also provide a significant boost to the local currency, the kwanza.
Some 5 271 children, aged from six months to 15 years, were vaccinated against measles in the central Kwanza Sul province in mid-August, part of the campaign aimed at diminishing the disease.
The worker said the company had promised them to pay in the US currency, " but, now they are offering to pay in Kwanza, the local currency of Angola".
The petroleum industry in Angola began in 1955 when oil was discovered in the onshore Kwanza Valley by Petrofina of Belgium which, together with the Angolan government, established a jointly-owned Fina Petroleos de Angola (Petrangol) and built a refinery at Luanda to process the crude oil.