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interj, n
(Judaism) a variant spelling of lechaim


(ləˈxɑ yɪm, lə xɑˈyim)

Hebrew. (used as a drinking toast.)
[ləḥayyīm literally, to life]
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As always, we'll have some swag to give away, a couple rounds of Jewish geography to play, and a l'chaim after the show.
At the end of the ceremony, they raised glasses, said l'chaim, and took pictures through the glass.
The whole book seems to be a means of evoking the horror of tragic loss and then meeting it with a rush of comic power that calls forth the chant "To Life, to life, L'Chaim.
When this is printed it will be 2011 so, na zdravje, prost, skal, slainte, l'chaim, fluff in yer keyhole, reek up yer lum, and I wish you all I wish myself.
But instead of whiling away his time there in a bookish, Bohemian haze, this American Football-playing Baptist made UK headlines when he was chosen as the president of the Jewish L'Chaim Society.
CDATA[ Supporters of Israel will rally in NYC Tuesday evening in solidarity with Israel; L'Chaim 5K Run/Walk for Israel held in Queens.
In our popular "Jewish Word" section, we raise a glass to your health as we explore the origins and meaning of the ubiquitous cheer, l'chaim.
He recibido de ellos la pena almacenada y la alegria estridente del hecho de estar viva y decir en las mananas gracias y L'Chaim.
Booker went to Stanford, then to Oxford; while there, he ran the L'Chaim Society, the Jewish students' organization, just because he was interested.
Four ornate chandeliers patterned after Stars of David hang in the lobby, while the lobby bar is named L'chaim ("to life" in Hebrew).
See my article "Nashim B'masechet Pesahim," in Atara L'Chaim, Studies in the Talmud and Medieval Rabbinic Literature in Honor of Professor Haim Zalman Dimitrovsky (Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 2000), pp.
personal expressions cards for Christians and L'Chaim cards for Jewish consumers.

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