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la′-la land`

n. Slang.
1. a state of being out of touch with reality.
2. Los Angeles.
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Yep, the boy-bander has been getting big ideas while out in La-La-land and now he's keen to turn his talents to acting.
So don't be surprised if you hear the likes of: "I'm Charles Macintosh, vice president of operations at The La-La-Land Inc.
Some black professionals, however, managed to stick with their la-la-land dreams of becoming an artist or novelist and still pay mortgages, contribute to retirement plans and take lengthy summer vacations in the process.
And so the California League divisional playoff series between the San Bernardino Stampede and the Lake Elsinore Storm - the Class-A affiliates of the Dodgers and Angels, respectively - might be as close to a postseason battle for the baseball bragging rights of La-La-land as Los Angeles-area baseball fans will ever get.
I think we're all in sort of la-la-land," he admitted.
Our kind of city: So, you live in La-la-land, the City of Angels and Hollywood hype, and you're feeling way cool.