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 (lā′bīl′, -bəl)
1. Open to change; readily changeable or unstable: labile chemical compounds; tissues with labile cell populations.
2. Fluctuating widely: labile hypertension; labile emotions.
3. Decomposing readily: the labile component of organic matter.

[Middle English labil, forgetful, wandering, from Old French labile, from Late Latin lābilis, apt to slip, from lābī, to slip.]

la·bil′i·ty (-bĭl′ĭ-tē) n.


the susceptibility to error or lapses of any kind, as a human failing. — labile, adj.
See also: Strength and Weakness


n. labilidad, condición de inestabilidad.
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Tenders are invited for Construction of sump well for temporary disposal of daily stagnant water from green belt along NH-8 Dharuhera and all other works contingent thereto , (Including 3 years mtc,/defect lability period free of cost) .
PBA is a specific condition, distinct from other types of emotional lability that may occur in patients with neurological disease or injury.
The combination not only significantly improved total scores on the Neuropsychiatric Inventory (NPI), but individual scores on agitation/ aggression, elation/euphoria, emotional lability, and appetite, Suzanne Hendrix, Ph.
Meanwhile, the lability construct (defined more precisely below) is often used as an antonym for, or on a continuum with, stability, and the linear and nonlinear subscales of the Creative Cognition Inventory (Holt, 2002) were used as a convenient proxy measure.
A 54-year-old woman who had great results in our practice with asthma, fatigue, anger, insomnia, and weight gain presented with the problem of emotional lability and couldn't stop crying.
The manual also explains that the symptoms disappear at the onset of menstruation, and for it to be regarded as a disorder, it is necessary to display at least 5 symptoms related to it, and one of them has to be among the following - depressive mood, feelings of desperation or self-rejection; clear internal anxiety, tension, a feeling of not being able to take any more; clear emotional lability, in other words, sadness, bursting into tears or manifestations of emotional over-sensitiveness towards rejection by other people; and irascibility or irritability.
Posterior fossa syndrome is characterized by transient mutism, emotional lability, cognitive deficits, weakness, ataxia, and cranial nerve dysfunction.
Sustainable "green" elements being incorporated into the development include certified construction waste management; the use of low emitting materials including adhesives, paints, and carpet; sophisticated lighting and HVAC design focused on control lability of systems by users; a reflecting white roof; water efficient landscaping; and alternative transportation focused on bicycle racks and showers for tenant employee use.
In short, the premises lability claim should not have been dismissed under the motion for summary judgment.
The prescribing information states that the product has not been shown to be safe or effective for treating other types of emotional lability that affect people with Alzheimer's disease or other dementias.