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Requiring or having a large expenditure of labor in comparison to capital: "Intrigue and subversion are labor-intensive undertakings" (George F. Kennan).


requiring a large supply of labor relative to the need for capital. Compare capital-intensive.
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Adj.1.labor-intensive - requiring a large expenditure of labor but not much capital; "cottage industries are labor intensive"
effortful - requiring great physical effort
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China's upgrading to higher industries will create a huge space for Pakistan to enter a labor-intensive industrialisation development phase,' he said.
He said that China is moving from labor-intensive to a capital-intensive industry that will relocate to other countries, 'China's upgrading to higher industries will leave a huge space for Pakistan to enter a labor-intensive industrialization development phase' mentioned S.
CAIRO - 3 April 2017: Egypt's Social Development Fund (SFD) is negotiating with the World Bank (WB) to provide a $200 million fund for labor-intensive employment projects, SFD Secretary-General Nevine Game said Sunday.
Finance teams are challenged by labor-intensive, disparate, spreadsheet-driven tasks to meet new and existing compliance requirements.
We calculate the total labor content of imports, direct and indirect, with the aim of verifying whether there is a tendency to import more skilled labor-intensive goods after trade liberalization.
Taipei, July 9, 2010 (CENS) -- Significant wage increases are inevitable for the labor-intensive technology manufacturers in China over the short-term, and the rise in labor costs will challenge cost management ability of these companies, according to a report from Fitch Ratings.
approach has succeeded despite its labor-intensive nature, says Bud Hess, RCAI president.
Simple black-and-white drawings illustrate key points where a visual aid is valuable in this practical book, which covers matters such as saving money and applying health care effectively as surely as the more labor-intensive aspects of caregiving.
Specifically enrolling "lo-hardy" undergraduates in retention-intervention programs would provide a more efficient usage of expensive, labor-intensive retention intervention programs.
The system is said to eliminate labor-intensive handling of batching materials and ensures accurate amounts of materials in each batch, according to the company.
Asking for too many expensive ingredients and labor-intensive recipes will hinder your request.

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