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1. Marked by or requiring long, hard work: spent many laborious hours on the project.
2. Hard-working; industrious.

[Middle English, from Old French laborieux, from Latin labōriōsus, from labor, labor.]

la·bo′ri·ous·ly adv.
la·bo′ri·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.laboriousness - the quality of requiring extended effort
effortfulness - the quality of requiring deliberate effort
تَعَب، إرْهاق


(American) labor (ˈleibə) noun
1. hard work. The building of the cathedral involved considerable labour over two centuries; People engaged in manual labour are often badly paid.
2. workmen on a job. The firm is having difficulty hiring labour.
3. (in a pregnant woman etc) the process of childbirth. She was in labour for several hours before the baby was born.
4. used (with capital) as a name for the Socialist party in the United Kingdom.
1. to be employed to do hard and unskilled work. He spends the summer labouring on a building site.
2. to move or work etc slowly or with difficulty. They laboured through the deep undergrowth in the jungle; the car engine labours a bit on steep hills.
laborious (ləˈboːriəs) adjective
difficult; requiring hard work. Moving house is always a laborious process.
laˈboriously adverb
laˈboriousness noun
ˈlabourer noun
a workman who is employed to do heavy work requiring little skill. the labourers on a building site.
ˈlabour court noun
a court of law for settling disputes between management and workers.
ˈlabour dispute noun
a disagreement between management and workers about working conditions, pay etc.
ˈlabour-saving adjective
intended to lessen work. washing-machines and other labour-saving devices.
References in classic literature ?
Will only thought of giving a good pinch that would annihilate that vaunted laboriousness, and was unable to imagine the mode in which Dorothea would be wounded.
To this short time allowed for labour I desire may be added the exceeding laboriousness of my work; the many hours which, for want of tools, want of help, and want of skill, everything I did took up out of my time.
The air-cooled ABIMIG A T LW Torch uses aluminium in the 'BIKOX LW' cable lines, which reduces the weight of the torch and eventually, eliminates the laboriousness associated with traditional torches.
Boan's selection of the museum's cleaning refuse recalls the laboriousness of making and the constant maintenance involved in the ceramics process.
The air-cooled ABIMIG A T LW Torch uses aluminium in the 'BIKOXA LW' cable lines, which reduces the weight of the torch and eventually, eliminates the laboriousness associated with traditional torches.
For to associate queer youth suicide too seamlessly with the wearing out of slow death, and particularly to associate it with a foreswearing of the unavailing laboriousness of self-continuity, may be to transpose into adolescence the temporalities of an adult depletion, in a way that misplaces something of the specificity of adolescent dialectics of self-possession and self-dispersal.
It is indispensable to remember the existence of values, principles and social proposals of a category higher than the economic and ecological, in particular moral, ethical, historical, philosophical, political, religious and spiritual elements; and of course, without rolling out the whole list, we present some examples: truth, mercy and beauty, the trilogy of Mokiti Okada, founder of messianic agriculture; justice, as pointed out in Nitiren's agricultural proposal; love and forgiveness, as stated by Jesus; compassion, if we follow the Buddha; the virtues of personal enlightenment, in the style of Lao Tse: austerity, laboriousness, humility, loyalty; liberty in relation with peace, democracy, the practice of one's own culture, the right to be .