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Designed to conserve human energy in performing work or to decrease the amount of human labor needed.


or la′bor-sav`ing,

designed to reduce human labor: The dishwasher is a laborsaving device.
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Adj.1.laborsaving - designed to replace or conserve human and especially manual labor; "laborsaving devices like washing machines"
helpful - providing assistance or serving a useful function
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The evolution of societies is intertwined with the evolution of technology; major transitions were facilitated by harnessing fire, taming animals, developing metallurgy, the invention of laborsaving devices, and the proliferation of information.
Additionally, we lose jobs overseas due to the onerous technology requirements that make labor-saving devices no longer laborsaving, thereby encouraging companies to seek cheaper labor overseas.
Both increased in the 1990s, as Corporate America scaled back break-even points and boosted ROE by investing heavily in laborsaving equipment.
Booth and his colleagues point to society's increasing use of laborsaving devices and other technologies as the cause of a myriad of health problems.
These new models are optimally designed for laborsaving machines such as laser marking machines, solar cell assembly machines, as well as other FA equipment.
The consultants recommended that new laborsaving equipment should be purchased to help the staff achieve productivity goals.
could invest in laborsaving technology, child labor still remains the
The PMA wanted the right to introduce laborsaving technologies, to replace clerks through the computerization of their tasks.
The DWR Wall Mount Cabinet features a laborsaving, tool-free quick-mount system, permitting structured cabling and communications professionals to easily and quickly mount the center section to the backpan on the job site.
The Mega Destroyer (HF-7870) is a top-feed shredder that manufacturer Cresswood Recycling Systems says is designed for laborsaving "dump and go" operations.
Foreign competition has played an important role, both in driving the adoption of laborsaving technologies in the United States and in moving manufacturing jobs offshore.
XBRL is a big laborsaving tool in loan processing, risk assessment, equity analysis, and investment banking.