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Designed to conserve human energy in performing work or to decrease the amount of human labor needed.


or la′bor-sav`ing,

designed to reduce human labor: The dishwasher is a laborsaving device.
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Adj.1.laborsaving - designed to replace or conserve human and especially manual labor; "laborsaving devices like washing machines"
helpful - providing assistance or serving a useful function
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While the large farmers are calling for gasoline-plowing outfits, hay loaders and all sorts of laborsaving devices, you will see that the one-horse farmers need help too.
Ovention's countertop ovens feature an intuitive touchscreen interface, USB menu loading capability, patented laborsaving features and more.
21) The conditions of employment really were better for many Americans when domestic industry had fewer international competitors, fewer women participated in the workforce, and laborsaving technology was less advanced.
Labor productivity growth, a key gauge of a nation's standard of living, reveals large gains achieved between 2002 and 2007 due to both the industry's aggressive adoption of laborsaving initiatives from the legacy carriers and large output gains from the low-cost carriers.
All of these were enormously beneficial: running water saved carrying pails of water from an outside pump (which my mother did in our small town in Manitoba until 1958); sewage allowed for much safer disposal of human waste; electricity led to laborsaving devices in the home, plus lighting, which made evenings much more enjoyable; and telephones dramatically increased people's access to the bigger world.
Noble has introduced a number of laborsaving devices which are revolutionizing threshing operations on his farms.
New computer-based laborsaving production technologies tend to reduce demand for less-skilled workers; technological advances and lower communication and transportation costs facilitate offshoring of work to the lowest-wage locations.
Nanoscience and nanotechnology are steering mankind into latest kingdom of competent, laborsaving and miniature tools and to be the beginning of many of the main technological innovations of this century.
CE-HPLC is not only a useful tool in screening study but also reliable and laborsaving as a diagnostic procedure.
439) Merriam-Webster defines a "luddite" as "one of a group of early 19th century English workmen destroying laborsaving machinery as a protest; broadly: one who is opposed to esp.
Once in the kitchen, the Premier refused to be impressed by the laborsaving devices on display.
These new models are optimally designed for laborsaving machines such as laser marking machines, solar cell assembly machines, as well as other FA equipment.