adj.1.characterized by toilsome effort; same as laborious; - British spelling.
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Instead of tackling the increasingly worsening humanitarian crisis of Gaza's 2 million residents because of the prolonged blockade laid by his government, or how his government would cooperate with the United States and the Arab Quartet--once Washington officially announces its blue print for peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis, Netanyahu chose to engage in labourious finger-pointing.
A handful of them, like dancer Vankosaun Serei, will have to undergo labourious changes of costume.
Given this context, new selection and appointment procedures ideally need to be agreed to before the labourious selection and appointment process begins.
By interpreting women's bones in a female-specific context, we can start to see how intensive, variable and labourious their behaviours were, hinting at a hidden history of women's work over thousands of years," Macintosh explained in a university news release.
No, a woman's function is labourious, but because it is gigantic, not because it is minute.
A quick sit in a chair can now offer you the full health check you want, without the labourious hours-long wait to see the doctor.
If they want to fast they can take their medicines at sehar and iftar and avoid labourious work during the day.
Then, in a labourious finishing phase, around 90 per cent of the material is removed again to obtain the desired final shape.
That said, planning her revenge proved labourious and took years to fructify.
As the EU is the world's largest agricultural trader, with exports exceeding [euro]129bn in 2015, a Brexit vote would leave Britain with "years" of labourious trade renegotiations, he said.
Another challenge of FIFO work is that the roster is in the order of 12 h a day and the work can be labourious and tedious.
Additionally, the Permanent Secretary requested for support in capacity building, egg powder production and transfer of technology, while also adding the need for producing simple technological tools that are reliable to make farming less labourious.