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An ornament inserted into a perforation in the lip.

[Latin labrum, lip; see leb- in Indo-European roots + -et.]


(Clothing & Fashion) a piece of bone, shell, etc; inserted into the lip as an ornament by certain peoples
[C19: from Latin labrum lip]


(ˈleɪ brɛt)

an ornament worn in a hole pierced in the lip.
[1855–60; < Latin labr(um) lip + -et]
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LABRET A A burner used in chemistry B An ornament inserted in the lip C Plaintive who am I?
She is wearing a labret (lip ornament), indicating high rank.
As MacDonald explains it, the third in the sequence, dogfish, "signifying a woman with a labret, in memory of a woman who was carried off by a dogfish and became one of them.
2003 'Oral Implications of Labret Use: A Case from Pre-Columbian Chile.
You have to put a bar, called a labret, in for four to six weeks first, this allows it to swell.
To me, it's ludicrous to run tests in one or two counties," said Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Gary LaBret, 59, after he was pulled over for testing.
In addition to that, there are facial piercings available, such as labret piercing, monroe piercing, nose piercing and eyebrow piercing.
Similarly, body modification, as seen in the use of the labret piercing among prehistoric El Molle male individuals from El Torin, Chile, was imbued with complex meaning and is suggested as a means of balancing multiple identities (Torres-Rouff).