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An ornament inserted into a perforation in the lip.

[Latin labrum, lip; see leb- in Indo-European roots + -et.]


(Clothing & Fashion) a piece of bone, shell, etc; inserted into the lip as an ornament by certain peoples
[C19: from Latin labrum lip]


(ˈleɪ brɛt)

an ornament worn in a hole pierced in the lip.
[1855–60; < Latin labr(um) lip + -et]
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Outre la modification de la gestuelle corporelle et l'exhibition d'une scarification lorsque le labret est depose (Eczet 2012), le labret modifie le visage et ses proportions.
She is wearing a labret (lip ornament), indicating high rank.
As MacDonald explains it, the third in the sequence, dogfish, "signifying a woman with a labret, in memory of a woman who was carried off by a dogfish and became one of them.
Mary Ellen Kelm describes a similar approach in British Columbia where efforts to stamp out body practices were centred on isolating Aboriginal children in residential schools, while missionaries also pressured adults to 'adopt imported clothing styles and non-indigenous housing and village design, and to desist from cranial shaping, tattooing, the use of the labret, and other Aboriginal corporeal practices' (1998: 174).
2003 'Oral Implications of Labret Use: A Case from Pre-Columbian Chile.
Labret use leaves not only the material artifact itself, often as a grave inclusion, but also results in abrasion of the dental enamel that is visible after death (Cybulski 1974; Torres-Rouff 2003b).
You have to put a bar, called a labret, in for four to six weeks first, this allows it to swell.
A labret, which is a wire or snub-nosed piece of jewelry, can be inserted into the cleft of the chin.
Much of the terminology relating to Indian life in general is of Tupi inspiration, such as tembeta, the labret or stone lip-plug worn by prominent braves, and maraca, a gourd rattle.
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