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n. pl. la·bra (-brə)
1. A lip or liplike structure, such as the one forming the roof of the mouth in insects.
2. The outer margin of the opening of a gastropod shell.

[Latin, lip; see leb- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈleɪbrəm; ˈlæb-)
n, pl -bra (-brə)
1. (Zoology) a lip or liplike part, such as the cuticular plate forming the upper lip of insects
2. (Anatomy) a lip or liplike part, such as the cuticular plate forming the upper lip of insects
[C19: New Latin, from Latin]


(ˈleɪ brəm, ˈlæb rəm)

n., pl. la•bra (ˈleɪ brə, ˈlæb rə)
1. a lip or liplike part.
a. the upper or foremost unpaired mouthpart of an insect or other arthropod.
b. the outer margin of the aperture of a shell of a gastropod.
[1810–20; < Latin: lip; akin to labium]


n labrum m
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The acetabular labrum is a triangular fibrocartilaginous structure that forms a horseshoe-shaped attachment to the acetabular rim, which connects the acetabulum to the underlying transverse acetabular ligament [Figure 1]a.
The excess bone can impinge against the cartilage and labrum (a tough band of cartilage that surrounds the rim of the hip socket), causing them to tear.
The term SLAP (superior labrum anteroposterior) tear was originally introduced by Snyder et al.
Superior Labrum Anterior to Posterior lesions (SLAP) are a potential source of shoulder pain, especially in overhead throwing athletes.
Various disorders or pathology may contribute towards this pain, such as subacromial impingement syndrome, rotator cuff pathology and/or lesions of the glenoid labrum (Feleus et al 2008).
11) Recent anatomic studies and reviews of revision arthroscopy have shed light on the role of the psoas as a source of impingement and possible cause of labrum pathology in the pre-arthritic hip.
The actor's doctor has asserted that a labrum tear is suspected.
1) It is now well known that the labrum can be disturbed by stresses applied to the hip joint, either abruptly or repetitively in the form of microtrauma.
Sanchez dislocated his shoulder and his having MRI today to determine the extent of damage to the labrum or ligaments.
Superior labral tears are often referred to as SLAP (superior labrum anterior to posterior) tears, referring to the direction from which these tears tend to propagate: anterior to posterior.
RESUMEN: Durante las excavaciones desarrolladas en 1996 en el sector de Puerta Obispo, situado junto a la puerta oriental del recinto romano y medieval de la ciudad de Leon, se hallaron tres grandes fragmentos de marmora de color violaceo que formaban parte de un labrum o lavabo de epoca romana.