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Any of various lizards and closely related reptiles.

[From New Latin Lacertīlia, former suborder name, from Latin lacerta, lizard.]

lac′er·til′i·an adj.


(Animals) any reptile of the suborder Lacertilia (lizards)
(Zoology) of, relating to, or belonging to the Lacertilia
[C19: New Latin, from Latin lacerta lizard]
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Adj.1.lacertilian - of or relating to lizards
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HEADLAND Risen like a sewer of precognition, of lacertilian biotite folds, cerebral lobes, anacoluthic evocations of Coatlicue, risen directly from Tory Island's ocean floor, cankered into its own principle of petri-growth, with heather, like rooted nightcrawlers, swarming between the bony plates extending along its crest, Dun Bhaloir turns its headless head to eyelessly stare into the Atlantic's horizontal dark blue depth-- flat shades, which are a banished Adam to this apple-tree abyss of erective crag.
Nearly all of these involve caudal luring whereby tail motions mimic invertebrate larvae and serve as lures, typically for lacertilian prey.
The lacertilian Gosse, ubiquitous post mortem as he was in egregious life, is expectedly present.