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1. Milky.
2. Botany Secreting or yielding a milky sap.

[Latin lactēscēns, lactēscent-, present participle of lactēscere, inchoative of lactēre, to be milky, from lac, lact-, milk; see melg- in Indo-European roots.]

lac·tes′cence n.


the process of becoming milky or the state of being milky. See also milk. — lactescent, adj.
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Group C (n = 69) contained samples with potential interference, including hemolysis (n = 19), lactescence (triglycerides >10 mmol/L; n = 7), icterus (total bilirubin >50 [micro]mol/L; n = 20), increased C-reactive protein (CRP; >100 mg/L; n = 9), fibrinogen (sodium heparinate plasma; n = 5), and cryoglobulins (n = 9).