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 (lə-kyo͞o′nə, -ko͞o′-)
n. pl. la·cu·nae (-nē) or la·cu·nas
1. An empty space or a missing part; a gap: "self-centered in opinion, with curious lacunae of astounding ignorance" (Frank Norris).
2. Anatomy A cavity, space, or depression, especially in a bone, containing cartilage or bone cells.

[Latin lacūna; see lagoon.]

la·cu′nal adj.
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Unfortunately, most indicators have been developed separately, thus producing a lacunal picture of countries' overall institutional environment.
All isoetids have lacunal air chambers, and in Isoetes species, both aquatic and terrestrial, there are always four lacunae, which, depending on species and habitat, represent 20-90% cross-sectional airspace.
All Isoetes have a single large lacunal chamber that fills the center of the root and varies in cross-sectional area.