lady chapel

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Lady Chapel

also lady chapel
A chapel, usually located behind the sanctuary in a cathedral or church, dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Lady Chapel

(Architecture) a chapel within a church or cathedral, dedicated to the Virgin Mary

La′dy chap`el

a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
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Noun1.Lady chapel - a small chapel in a churchlady chapel - a small chapel in a church; dedicated to the Virgin Mary
chapel - a place of worship that has its own altar
church building, church - a place for public (especially Christian) worship; "the church was empty"
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unique of the liver uk/pictures/ Ian Williams's study of the Lady Chapel, at Liverpool Cathedral, is a straightforward and well-executed portrait of a quiet corner of one of Britain's architectural gems of the 20th century, while the mystery behind MobileVirgin's picture of Marco Pierre White at the Liverpool Food Festival is one of how an impromptu sitting produced such a result - a masterful study in composing in a square setting, of cropping and carefully controlled lighting and digital processing.
THE funeral service of Arctic Convoy veteran Benjamin Hall, ex-RN, will be held at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral's Lady Chapel at 1.
They raised more than pounds 2,500 for the Cathedral's East End Appeal, which involves the restoration of the Herkenrode Glass of the Cathedral Lady Chapel, created in Flanders during the 16th century.
They then swiped money which they found on the votive candle stand near the Lady Chapel.
The men - who call themselves "Twelve not-so-grumpy men," taken from TV series Grumpy Old Men - needed as much cheeriness as they could muster during the gruelling six-hour walk in torrential rain from St Mary's Church in Coulby Newham, where they are all parishioners, to Lady Chapel in Osmotherly.
The Lady Chapel, with its natural, unforced acoustic, was packed with rapt listeners.
1220: Henry II laid the foundation stone for Westminster Abbey's Lady Chapel.
The Lady Chapel where I'll be doing the singing is very atmospheric and personally my favourite part of the cathedral.
English Heritage pledged pounds 54,000 to help fix the water damage but only if the parish could raise the rest of the cash to re-roof the Lady Chapel and improve the underground drainage.
Bishop Crockett's body was privately cremated at Bangor Crematorium and his ashes were interred in the Lady Chapel at Bangor Cathedral.
The church's Lady Chapel was built in the 13th Century and accommodates the tomb of Sir Ralph Grey and his wife Elizabeth.
Services for Holy Week at St Bartholom-|ew's are as follows:- Tuesday Holy Communion in the Lady Chapel at 9.