lady of the house

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la′dy of the house′

the female head of a household.
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Noun1.lady of the house - a wife who manages a household while her husband earns the family incomelady of the house - a wife who manages a household while her husband earns the family income
married woman, wife - a married woman; a man's partner in marriage
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Rebecca was a trifle shy at this unexpected encounter, but there was nothing to be done but explain her presence, so she asked, "Is the lady of the house at home?
He requested permission to show his tricks in the presence of the lady of the house.
When they had paid their tribute of politeness by curtsying to the lady of the house, they were permitted to mingle in the crowd, and take their share of the heat and inconvenience, to which their arrival must necessarily add.
I try to talk with Madame de Maisonrouge all I can (she is the lady of the house, and the REAL family consists only of herself and her two daughters).
When I recovered my senses, the company had all gone; only the lady of the house was with me.
Call the lady of the house, and I'll tell her everything,' said Mr.
But never in such a state of spirits, never in any thing like it; and it was with difficulty that she could summon enough of her usual self to be the attentive lady of the house, or even the attentive daughter.
Heathcliff; his thick brown curls were rough and uncultivated, his whiskers encroached bearishly over his cheeks, and his hands were embrowned like those of a common labourer: still his bearing was free, almost haughty, and he showed none of a domestic's assiduity in attending on the lady of the house.
The lady of the house dropped her dumb-bells with a crash upon the floor.
At the same times two among the evening guests, bound for another party, approached to take leave of the lady of the house.
Dobbin helped him to it; for the lady of the house, before whom the tureen was placed, was so ignorant of the contents, that she was going to help Mr.
Nor was this excellence attained without some cost and trouble and great expenditure of voice, as the neighbours were frequently reminded when the good lady of the house overlooked and assisted in its being put to rights on cleaning days--which were usually from Monday morning till Saturday night, both days inclusive.