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Any of numerous small, rounded, usually colorful beetles of the family Coccinellidae, often reddish with black spots and feeding primarily on other insects, including pests such as scale insects and aphids. Also called lady beetle, ladybird.

[Probably from its seven spots being considered a symbol of the seven sorrows of the Virgin Mary.]


(Animals) US another word for ladybird


(ˈleɪ diˌbʌg)

any of numerous small, round, often brightly colored and spotted beetles of the family Coccinellidae, feeding chiefly on aphids and other small insects but including several forms that feed on plants.
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Noun1.ladybug - small round bright-colored and spotted beetle that usually feeds on aphids and other insect pestsladybug - small round bright-colored and spotted beetle that usually feeds on aphids and other insect pests
beetle - insect having biting mouthparts and front wings modified to form horny covers overlying the membranous rear wings
Adalia bipunctata, two-spotted ladybug - red ladybug with a black spot on each wing
bean beetle, Epilachna varivestis, Mexican bean beetle - introduced into the United States from Mexico; feeds on the foliage of the bean plant
Hippodamia convergens - a variety of ladybug
Rodolia cardinalis, vedalia - native to Australia; introduced elsewhere to control scale insects
slunéčko sedmitečné
con bọ rùa


see ladybirdlady friend namie flady-in-waiting [ˌleɪdiɪnˈweɪtɪŋ] ndame f d'honneur


دُعْسُوقَةٌ slunéčko sedmitečné mariehøne Marienkäfer πασχαλίτσα mariquita leppäkerttu coccinelle bubamara coccinella テントウムシ 무당벌레 lieveheersbeestje marihøne biedronka joaninha божья коровка nyckelpiga แมลงเต่าทอง uç uç böceği con bọ rùa 瓢虫
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She then notes that to dress as a ladybug, she would need "two wing cases, two wings and two antennae" and is shown in such a costume.
Beautiful page-filling paintings filled with vivid colors and sights show a hummingbird, a butterfly, a bumblebee, a ladybug beetle, and an eaglet learning to fly.
Scientists have captured slow-motion video of this mechanism on a ladybug and gotten an inside look at it for the first time, after replacing the two-piece protective layer, the red and black polka dot elytra, with an artificial transparent one.
Yesterday," Courtney Bowman continued, breaking down into tears, "on our way to spend the night at my in-laws' house, we were driving in my husband's truck there, and one little ladybug landed on my window.
Such was indeed the case when entomologist Meg Allen devised a jar-like cage to safely collect the eggs of Coleomegilla maculata for her research on the genetics of this helpful ladybug species, a.
Notice that each ladybug has a different number of spots; what a fun counting game you and your little one will have
Skip Hop Zoo Travel Neckrest MADE from plush velour fabric, these soft and cosy neck-rests shaped as either an owl, monkey, bee or ladybug, can help children rest on long journeys.
Then I saw this adorable little ladybug standing in the middle of the circle.
Did you know, however, that many ladybug species, which used to be common in the United States, are dwindling, some even on the verge of extinction?
A ladybug is one of six Emagination Station designs, shown here in a computer cart and a wall cabinet, available from Enovate.
Though there's some truth to the old adage, "Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home .