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n. pl. ladyfish or la·dy·fish·es
1. Any of several marine game fishes of the family Elopidae, especially Elops saurus of warm coastal waters of the western Atlantic Ocean, having an elongated silvery body.
2. A bonefish.


(Animals) any of various fish found in oceanic coastal waters, esp the tarpon or a related game fish of the genus Elops



n., pl. -fish•es, (esp. collectively) -fish.
a silver game and food fish, Albula vulpes, of warm coastal seas. Also called ladyfish.
[1725–35, Amer.]
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Noun1.ladyfish - game fish resembling the tarpon but smallerladyfish - game fish resembling the tarpon but smaller
tarpon, Tarpon atlanticus - large silvery game fish of warm Atlantic coastal waters especially off Florida
Elops, genus Elops - type genus of the Elopidae: tenpounder
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Power plants like the one at Anclote Key discharge warm water and attract a variety of fish like pompano, cobia, jacks, ladyfish and others.
Unfortunately, comparative information for ladyfish (Elops saurus) is limited and nonexistent for most regions of the world.
The food menu of Coastal Cuisine Food Festival includes "Kane Bezule" - whole ladyfish seasoned with finely ground mangalorean masala and pan cooked, "Meen Roast" a Calicut specialty, "Mussels Karwari", "Crab Xacuti" from Goa and fish curries cooked in several authentic variations from Western Ghats of India.
In the end it was not the wily spotted weakfish but a pair of ladyfish that made my day and won my dime.
These include Spanish mackerel, blackfin tuna, amberjack, black drum, gag grouper, wahoo, bluefish, gafftopsail catfish, crevalle jack, and ladyfish.
Ray (1997) listed ladyfish as an estuarine-dependent species but little is known about its use of habitat in coastal waters.
There are many restaurants in Banjul, the capital, and as well as traditional Gambian food you can eat Lebanese, Italian, Chinese, Indian and even fish and chips, although it is more likely to be the local ladyfish than cod.
You catch snapper, grouper, barracuda and ladyfish.
In order to save time, I began drifting these spots using a 1-ounce circle-hook jig and a small strip of ladyfish we keep as cut bait on the boat.
North and South Biscayne Bay inshore fishermen will see plenty of action from Spanish mackerel, bluefish, ladyfish, jack crevalles, snook, tarpon, seatrout, sharks, barracudas plus snapper and grouper.