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It was originally intended for the sons of poor and deserving clerics and laics, but many of the noble governors of the Institution, with an enlarged and rather capricious benevolence, selected all sorts of objects for their bounty.
Batlle y Ordonez is considered the true founder of Uruguay's modern, laic, and statist system.
began its colonizing work in the provinces of Santa Fe, Buenos Aires, Entre Rios and other areas of Argentina, it did not neglect the relevance of primary education in their colonies either laic, and religious or Hebrew.
Compared with N treatment, planting density had a relatively small influence on LAIc which was about 3.
Part five, entitled 'Beyond the Feast of Fools', deals primarily with laic festive societies and their New Year's activities after the suppression of the Feast of Fools in most French dioceses, and considers the argument that these activities were somehow a legacy of that feast.
The theme was established with An Immutable Laic That No One Can Count On, 2011, an array of seventy-two maple dice representing every combination of two numbers that it is possible to throw.
Laic de Surville, managing director for Sun Chemical in France and Benelux, commented, "In Etten, we now have a facility that provides the latest technologies in a location that allows improved deliveries to our customers.
10) This concept of the laic, utilitarian state and the recognition of his power do not exclude the faith; state and Christianity can continue to exist together.
Recently signed SB 401 changed the partnership late filing penalty and added a new laic filing penalty for S corporation returns.
La modernite contradictoire de Zola s'impose enfin dans la tension discursive entre l'heritage religieux et l'enthousiasme laic, illustree par l'iconographie du mythe du "Grand soir" dans Germinal (David Baguley) ou par le transfert sacral des vertus cardinales qui accomplit, dans le contexte millenariste des Quatre Evangiles, l'ancienne utopie des phalansteres de Charles Fourier (Julia Przybos).
But since its ensemble, arguing for Renaissance anxiety and challenging the notion of the ever optimistic, self-affirming, confident, laic Renaissance, elaborates what amounts to a truism already expressed in one way or another by a large number of Renaissance scholars, its ultimate value lies in its seemingly inexhaustible detail.