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tr.v. la·i·cized, la·i·ciz·ing, la·i·ciz·es
1. To free from ecclesiastical control; give over to laypeople.
2. To change to lay status; secularize.

la′i·ci·za′tion (-sĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˈleɪɪˌsaɪz) or


(Ecclesiastical Terms) (tr) to withdraw clerical or ecclesiastical character or status from (an institution, building, etc)
ˌlaiciˈzation, ˌlaiciˈsation n


(ˈleɪ əˌsaɪz)

v.t. -cized, -ciz•ing.
to remove the clerical character or nature of; secularize.
la`i•ci•za′tion, n.


Past participle: laicized
Gerund: laicizing

I laicize
you laicize
he/she/it laicizes
we laicize
you laicize
they laicize
I laicized
you laicized
he/she/it laicized
we laicized
you laicized
they laicized
Present Continuous
I am laicizing
you are laicizing
he/she/it is laicizing
we are laicizing
you are laicizing
they are laicizing
Present Perfect
I have laicized
you have laicized
he/she/it has laicized
we have laicized
you have laicized
they have laicized
Past Continuous
I was laicizing
you were laicizing
he/she/it was laicizing
we were laicizing
you were laicizing
they were laicizing
Past Perfect
I had laicized
you had laicized
he/she/it had laicized
we had laicized
you had laicized
they had laicized
I will laicize
you will laicize
he/she/it will laicize
we will laicize
you will laicize
they will laicize
Future Perfect
I will have laicized
you will have laicized
he/she/it will have laicized
we will have laicized
you will have laicized
they will have laicized
Future Continuous
I will be laicizing
you will be laicizing
he/she/it will be laicizing
we will be laicizing
you will be laicizing
they will be laicizing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been laicizing
you have been laicizing
he/she/it has been laicizing
we have been laicizing
you have been laicizing
they have been laicizing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been laicizing
you will have been laicizing
he/she/it will have been laicizing
we will have been laicizing
you will have been laicizing
they will have been laicizing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been laicizing
you had been laicizing
he/she/it had been laicizing
we had been laicizing
you had been laicizing
they had been laicizing
I would laicize
you would laicize
he/she/it would laicize
we would laicize
you would laicize
they would laicize
Past Conditional
I would have laicized
you would have laicized
he/she/it would have laicized
we would have laicized
you would have laicized
they would have laicized
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Verb1.laicize - reduce to lay status; "laicize the parochial schools"
alter, change, modify - cause to change; make different; cause a transformation; "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue"


[ˈleɪɪsaɪz] VTlaicizar
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Although she formed a soulful attachment to an equally young priest, she refused his offer of laicization and marriage, believing completely in her vocation and the value of her work.
The essayist notes, rightfully so, that a remarkable benefit of modernity is "the laicization of political action the separation of the political power from the religious power", a separation regarding especially the governing issue, and considers several essential constituents (institutional construction, judicial framework construction on lay principles, public morality on ethical, not theological, principles etc.
Having been ordained for the Denver Archdiocese in 1965 and having received a rescript of laicization in 1971, I am familiar with the decree.
In them, he considers many of the challenges that beset church and campus, such as the laicization of priests, premarital sex, the erosion of institutional authority, intolerance toward gay people, and failure of fidelity to the teachings of the church.
He is the first top papal representative to face the harshest sentence under church law, known as laicization," the USA Today said.
Josef Wesolowski had already been defrocked in June after the Vatican's canon law court found him guilty of abuse and imposed its toughest penalty under church law: laicization, or returning to life as a layman.
Wesolowski was found guilty by the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and sentenced to the harshest penalty possible against a cleric: laicization.
Such acts again range from one's cultural re-identification (for example, the laicization a nun) to one's total obliteration.
The laicization came shortly after the Maryknoll Fathers decided to remove him from their order, with the Vatican exerting strong pressure for this decision.
They offer two alternatives: Either a penal process in which the result would be laicization, or a life of prayer and penance.
Whether Rome will accept his laicization remains to be seen.
Through a systematic and detailed analysis of carefully selected texts by the key authors of this period, Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio, Cerocchi, a trained and accomplished musician himself, makes a convincing case of the significant role music played in the process of laicization of the Italian society and in the gradual shift from a sacred to a profane dimension, which contributed to the "emancipazione della civilta italiana dal sistema teocentrico medievale" (viii).