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n. pl. la·ma·ser·ies
In Tibetan Buddhism, a monastery presided over by a lama.

[French lamaserie : lama, lama (from Tibetan bla-ma; see lama) + -serie, dwelling (probably from Persian sarāy, inn, palace; see terə- in Indo-European roots).]


n, pl -series
(Buddhism) a monastery of lamas
[C19: from French lamaserie, from lama + French -serie, from Persian serāī palace]


(ˈlɑ məˌsɛr i)

n., pl. -ser•ies.
a monastery of lamas.
[1865–70; < French lamaserie. See lama, serai]
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Noun1.lamasery - a monastery for lamaslamasery - a monastery for lamas    
monastery - the residence of a religious community
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But this "multicultural" mentality is as rare, narrow, and peculiar as the mentality of the remotest Tibetan lamasery.
Since then, the Chief Khenpo Lama of Waimiao had been assigned by the Panchen Lama from Yonghegong Lamasery to Chengde and been stationed at Temple of Sumeru Happiness and Longevity in Chengde City.
And also the corporal, whom the old general must condemn to death so as to save the order of war, and possibly (this is pure conjecture, as we have no way of knowing) to save him ultimately from the capitalist order he proposes to bequeath him as his legitimate heirloom (after all, in his youth, the future general had chosen as his first appointment an unlikely forgotten post in the African desert, and then had retired to a Tibetan lamasery for thirteen years, about which we know absolutely nothing).
In May 1931 a plane crashes near the hidden lamasery of ShangriLa in Tibet's Kuen-Lun Mountains.
In Lost Horizon the Lamasery was peopled with monks of high intellectual powers who carded on their lives of scholarly research and writing like a group of Dons in a type of Oxford University.
The young man, Hanes, reports living "in a lamasery in Tibet, being guided through the mysteries of the highest level of death," mysteries at the heart of The Tibetan Book of the Dead (DeLillo 210).