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n. Informal
A stupid person; a dolt.

lame′brained′ (-brānd′) adj.


informal a stupid or slow-witted person



n. Informal.
a stupid person; dunce; fool.
lame′brained`, adj.
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As if to prove it, lamebrain Lee launched 2015 by dying a death with his bandmates.
That will mean the end of the self-satisfied blowhard whose lamebrain pronouncements, decoded for their ironic intent, have served as some of TV's shrewdest analysis of current events.
He claims he's "110 per cent focused on the economy", with the Government giving "its 110 per cent effort and energy" to creating growth, as if he were some lamebrain Premier League footballer who'd never quite managed his GCSE maths grade C.
Reflecting on my own past experiences in the dim light of my adult children and the lamebrain choices they sometimes make causes me to wonder and ponder.
The USA Today report includes a number of documented in-air incidents that should give all but the most hard-headed lamebrain pause.
There have been plenty more lamebrain lyrics since then.
Actor Sean Penn's days of writing for the San Francisco Chronicle may be over: The actor now calls the publication an "increasingly lamebrain paper.
And there are still plenty of lamebrain motorists who still haven't got it right.
It's always dark for a mole, you lamebrain,' Frog said.
Now when you have some lamebrain campaign where there's someone attempting to rap or do a jingle that mimics a style of rap, it comes off corny because it's obvious that someone didn't do their homework.
This is too easy for the lamebrain council members to have thought of.
This last was the tactic adopted by that lamebrain Joseph Kennedy, whose ability to find his way to the House of Representatives is a continual source of wonder to his colleagues.