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n. pl. la·mel·lae (-mĕl′ē′) or la·mel·las
One of the thin scales, plates, layers, or membranes in an organism, as one of the gills of a mushroom or one of the thin sheets that make up certain bones.

[Latin lāmella, small thin plate, diminutive of lāmina, thin plate.]

la·mel′lar adj.
la·mel′lar·ly adv.


(ləˈmɛl ər, ˈlæm ə lər)

1. referring to a lamella or lamellae.
la•mel′lar•ly, adv.
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structurally, in both areas we noticed lamellar pearlite and ferrite, with rare intergrain inclusions in peripheral areas, and in central area with ferrite in white polyhedral grains;
Its silvery or blue reflections, ensured by its lamellar structure, recall the clarity of the moon.
Pearlitic steel consists of a soft ferrite matrix (aFe) containing hard lamellar cementite ([Fe.
1] directed distinctively; interlamellar setae not shorter than lamellar and rostral setae southafricanensis sp.
Tenders are invited for Maintenance Services for Existing Lamellar Server Systems in the Computer System, the Disaster Recovery Data Center Bucharest and Brasov
The composition is comprised of a first phase comprising a lamellar lathering cleansing phase comprising a surfactant, water and a lamellar structurant selected from the group consisting of fatty acids, fatty esters, trihydroxystearin, fatty alcohols and mixtures thereof; and at least one additional phase comprising a non-lathering structured aqueous phase comprising 70% or more of water and a water structurant comprising a polymeric water structurant and an associative water structurant.
One of the updated saddlebags was their ever popular Lamellar Series hard saddlebags.
The additive's ability to create lamellar crystal orientation of PE in the polymer flow (or machine) direction aids the reduction in shrinkage.
It has a platy and unique micro-lamellar structure providing a higher surface area at the same fineness as lamellar talc commonly found on the market.
They inform ophthalmologists about its evolution, indications and contraindications, preoperative evaluation, eye banking issues related to procurement of donor cornea, instruments, methods of graft insertion, various techniques and modifications, outcomes, complications and their management, and the use of DSAEK for special situations: the triple procedure of phacoemulsification, intraocular lens implantation, and deep lamellar endothelial keratoplasty; aphakic eyes; intraoperative floppy iris syndrome; glaucomatous eyes; pediatric cases; and failed grafts.
In stratum corneum, two lamellar phases are present with repeat distances of approximately 6 and 13 nm.
Exostoses are composed of immature layers of lamellar bone that cause a progressive stenosis of the external ear canal.