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 (lə-mĕl′āt′, lăm′ə-lāt′)
1. Having, composed of, or arranged in lamellae.
2. Resembling a lamella.

lam′el·lat′ed adj.
lam′el·la′tion n.


(ləˈmɛl eɪt, ˈlæm əˌleɪt)

also lam′el•lat`ed,

1. composed of or having lamellae.
2. flat; platelike.
[1820–30; < New Latin]
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In Hexapus the lamellate internal appendage is used to displace the female through the superficial spiral ostiolar passage; while the external toothed appendage, is used to displace it through the internal linear passage.
Each group of bristles is located next to one of four crescent-shaped groups of dense structures, known as lamellate bodies (1), in the epithelial floor (Fig.
The crystals of Atamisquea are noteworthy for their lamellate structure.
In electron micrographs, the cuticle is composed of two layers, an inner lamellate endocuticle and an outer epicuticle (Fig.
The male genital features of a broad and lamellate cucullus and the presence of a harpe also separates Z.
The Oberhautchen cells of the middle and apical region of a scale were imbricate near the MTZ, but became more lamellate apically (thinner basally to apically and wider from side to side) (Fig.
Perforate foraminifera that live in shallow waters are characterized by hyaline walls and so protect themselves from ultra violet light by producing very thick, lamellate test walls to prevent photo inhibition of symbiotic algae within the test in bright sunlight.
Fabry's deposits are defined histopathologically as lamellate membrane like structure called myeloid or Zebra bodies.
Head lengths were measured dorsally from the posterior margin of the head capsule to the distal margin of the frontoclypeus, excluding the frontoclypeal marginal lamellate sensilla.
Diagnosis: Profile distinctive due to low spire, strongly shouldered whorls and descendant suture; umbilicus wide; protoconch with close-set axial riblets; teleoconch with close-set lamellate axial pliculae; lustreless, more or less uniformly mid to dark brown.
Legs: Slender, tibiae with short slender spines, subequal to diameter of segments; claws slender, with convergent, fleshy or lamellate parempodia (Fig.