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 (lə-mĕl′āt′, lăm′ə-lāt′)
1. Having, composed of, or arranged in lamellae.
2. Resembling a lamella.

lam′el·lat′ed adj.
lam′el·la′tion n.


(ˌlæm əˈleɪ ʃən)

an arrangement or structure in which there are thin layers, plates, or scales.
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Some indicators of progression from immature to mature bone structure such as distinct calcification borders and lamellation areas in the bone matrix were detected in all the groups at the 8th week evaluation (Figure 2).
The lamellation of the deep lacustrine oil shale represents a seasonal deposition process.
Paul Kohnen (1964, (17)), in a study of thymic corpuscles in guinea pig suggested that the central core of Hassall's corpuscle consists of reticular cells with lamellation.