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Having the form of a thin plate or lamella.


shaped like a lamella; platelike: lamelliform antennae.


(ləˈmɛl əˌfɔrm)

platelike; scalelike.
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Subgenital plate with lamelliform Plumosa Sohi process on inner lateral surface near apex and several long white fine setae at apex 25'.
Fore femur with three spines on inner ventral margin; fore tibia with a pair of dorsal spinules right at distal end of the broadened ear region, and a spinule on outer dorsal margin; middle femur with three lamelliform spines on outer ventral margin, middle tibia dorsally with two pairs of spinules and on distal portion a single spinule on inner margin; hind femora ventrally with 8 triangular spines on outer margin, increasing in size from basal to distal end with 6th and 7th particularly large and projecting sideways, the last one smaller, on inner ventral margin with four spines in distal portion.