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Mourned for: our late lamented president.

la·ment′ed·ly adv.


grieved for or regretted (often in the phrase late lamented): our late lamented employer.
laˈmentedly adv


(ləˈmɛn tɪd)

mourned for: our late lamented friend.
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Adj.1.lamented - mourned or grieved for; "the imprint of our wise and lamented friend"- A.E.Stevenson
unlamented, unmourned - not grieved for; causing no mourning; "interred in an unlamented grave"
References in classic literature ?
Here lies Pip March, Who died the 7th of June; Loved and lamented sore, And not forgotten soon.
The brave and much lamented Colonels Todd and Trigg, Major Harland and my second son, were among the dead.
Just as she was she could have sat in advance for the portrait of the young daughter of the Regent d'Orleans, at the famous dinner whence she was carried, foul-mouthed, intoxicated, and helpless, to her bed, in the lost and lamented days of the Ancient Regime.
Emma, alone with her father, had half her attention wanted by him while he lamented that young people would be in such a hurry to marry and to marry strangers tooand the other half she could give to her own view of the subject.
and here he lamented outright; unmanned by a sense of his bitter injuries, and Earnshaw's ingratitude and dangerous condition.
But it is a misfortune to be reasonably lamented that no other uncles or aunts survive.
When he did throw his head back, and take it off quick, I had a horrible fear, I confess, of seeing him meet the fate of the lamented Mr.
Thus ADAM to himself lamented loud Through the still Night, now now, as ere man fell, Wholsom and cool, and mild, but with black Air Accompanied, with damps and dreadful gloom, Which to his evil Conscience represented All things with double terror: On the ground Outstretcht he lay, on the cold ground, and oft Curs'd his Creation, Death as oft accus'd Of tardie execution, since denounc't The day of his offence.
The music also of the challengers breathed from time to time wild bursts expressive of triumph or defiance, while the clowns grudged a holiday which seemed to pass away in inactivity; and old knights and nobles lamented in whispers the decay of martial spirit, spoke of the triumphs of their younger days, but agreed that the land did not now supply dames of such transcendent beauty as had animated the jousts of former times.
I lamented my own folly and wilfulness, in attempting a second voyage, against the advice of all my friends and relations.
The accident, so fatal to all his profits, had restored my brother to his senses, and seeing that the mischief had been caused by his own insufferable pride, he rent his clothes and tore his hair, and lamented himself so loudly that the passers-by stopped to listen.
Then I went to one man after another, being not unconscious of the enmity which I provoked, and I lamented and feared this: but necessity was laid upon me,--the word of God, I thought, ought to be considered first.